Autoregulation Rules!

In a perfect world, we could use our preferred choice of periodization (systematic planning of training) forever and consistently get stronger week in and week out.  Just follow the program, and we’ll reach our goals at the end, right?  Unfortunately, unless you’re a beginner, things don’t actually work this way.  Why not? Because we’re people… I think? […]

Two Ways to Make Your Pull-Ups More Challenging

Vertical pulling is an important component to any well-rounded training program, and no exercise fits the bill better than the classic pull-up. Rock solid pull-ups will target a ton of upper body musculature including your lats, traps, deltoids, and biceps – to name a few. There are an unlimited number of variations with this exercise, […]

Split Stance RDL’s

Sometimes standard romanian deadlifts can get a little bit boring and stressful on the joints if you’re using them too frequently in your training. However, making the move from bilateral to unilateral RDL’s isn’t easy because the single-leg variations require large amounts of balance, stability, and coordination. Performing RDL’s with a split stance is a […]

Developing Explosive Power, The Strength of Evidence Podcast, and Snatch Grip Deficit Deadlifts

Developing Explosive Power I’ve got three things to cover in this post, and I’d like to start with an important area for those seeking improvements in athletic performance and those who may be very strong, but slower than a tortoise. If you want to be fast, you need to train fast.  Maximizing your Rate-of-Force Development […]

Unique Ways to Address Core Strength

Stabilization of the core musculature is a big deal.  A solid midsection will help resist forces to the spine and alleviate a lot of stress that gets placed on the lumbar discs of the low back.  If we lack core strength, we are making ourselves more vulnerable to compensations in other areas of the body, […]