Light Weights and Big Gains, Building Hardcore Athleticism, and Exposing Weaknesses

I’ve got a few awesome reads to share today because I feel that they’re some of the best material I’ve come across in the past month or so.

It just so happens that they’re all T-Nation articles as well, so it’s likely that they’ve already been shared all over the place. Regardless, T-Nation is a phenomenal resource for anyone interested in getting stronger, increasing hypertrophy, moving better, and coaching more effectively. ┬áThis is a free website that releases one article per business day from some of the most successful fitness professionals around the world.

Use your filter when analyzing information and don’t hesitate to experiment with new methods. ┬áBring an open mind and a positive attitude to your pursuit of optimal performance and you’ll be very successful.

With that said, enjoy the articles!

Light Weights for Big Gains by Brad Schoenfield and Dan Ogborn

Building Hardcore Athleticism by Max Shank

Expose Your Weaknesses to Get Strong by Bret Contreras

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