Helpful Videos

Almost all of the blogs I’ve listed in the “Links” section of this site also have a YouTube page.  Sometimes video explanations and exercise demonstrations can be more effective than words on a screen.  Here are some of the best I’ve seen recently.   3 Common Mistakes in the Bench Press These aren’t necessarily new […]

7 Habits That Have Contributed To My Training Success

I’ve been “working out” since I was around 13 years old.  My first ever piece of equipment was a Total Gym 1700 that my parents bought and set up in the basement.  The basement was my dwelling for Xbox Live and calisthenics.  I was always down there, and therefore I used the Total Gym pretty […]

Quick Thoughts on Good Mornings

The good morning may be the best assistance exercise when it comes to improving the squat and deadlift.  It hits the posterior chain hard and forces you back to maintain a huge amount of isometric force throughout the back. To me, the more range of motion you can reach while maintaining solid form, the more […]

What You Need to Know About Your Stubborn Hamstrings

Ah, the hamstrings.  Talk about a popular muscle group. The hamstrings are important, annoying, and confusing.  If you’re reading this, you could very well feel that your hamstrings are “tight” right now.  It’s also possible that you’ve suffered some type of hamstring strain throughout your athletic career.  It’s also possible that you don’t train your […]