Helpful Videos

Almost all of the blogs I’ve listed in the “Links” section of this site also have a YouTube page.  Sometimes video explanations and exercise demonstrations can be more effective than words on a screen.  Here are some of the best I’ve seen recently.


3 Common Mistakes in the Bench Press

These aren’t necessarily new tips but I’ve never heard them explained this way.  Brandon Lilly provides some fantastic insight here.

Are All Hip Extension Exercises Created Equal?

Bret Contreras goes into great detail with the good morning, 45 degree back extension, and horizontal back extension.

Squat Cycles and Training Talk

Elite powerlifter Bryce Lewis narrates a max effort squat day.  Pay attention to his incredibly thorough warmup and the consistency of his reps.

Eric Cressey on Shoulders and Snatches

Wil Fleming posted this one on his page where EC highlights some shoulder assessments to determine your ability to work safely overhead.

Being a Fitness Educator:  So You Want to Train the Trainers?

I’ve always respected the information Nick Tuminello puts out because of his evidence based approach.  He shares some valuable words of wisdom in this video.


Hope you enjoy the videos!

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