Observations from My First Year of Personal Training

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve said anything on this stupid website of mine. I am very sorry to the people responsible for the ten or so random page views I get on a daily basis. Sure I’ve been busy with other things that take priority of blogging, but I think the writing practice is really healthy for me and something I need to do more of. With this post I want to kind of reflect on the past year that has been very successful for me professionally.

I started 2014 with a nice little schedule for myself that consisted of 6-10 clients per week stretched out over Monday-Saturday. This was a great starting point and a perfect way for me to ease into the nature of the work. I had already been shadowing with the other trainers at my gym since mid-September 2013. This was also very helpful as I had a couple of months to hang out around the gym and get comfortable talking to the many clients that are in and out the door each day.

My schedule picked up pretty quickly in the next month or so, and by the end of February I was training more in the ballpark of 12-16 clients each week. Once summertime hit, things really started to pickup and my schedule grew consistently more hectic and random. Throughout the majority of the summer and the rest of the year, I would train anywhere from 15-35 clients during any given week. Most of the time that range was probably closer to 18-24, which is definitely busy but still a very reasonable workload.

I remember reading in a Jon Goodman book (Ignite the Fire) that once you start to get over 30ish training hours per week, the quality of your services will probably begin to diminish over time. This isn’t to say that your first 30 sessions of the week are great and anything after are bad, but just pointing out that training 30 or more sessions per week consistently will be extremely difficult to sustain without feeling burnt out.

Throughout this past year I’ve probably averaged right around 20 per week. This is sustainable and enjoyable for me even when combined with the responsibility of part-time university classes. There have been weeks where I’ve trained over 25 or even over 30 sessions, and the difference in workload is quite noticeable. Even though I love to have those super busy weeks every once in awhile, I’m much more comfortable in that 20-25 range. It’s the perfect amount of work to keep your coaching and programming quality high while also allowing you time for your own workouts and personal enrichment (like continuing education). It’s also important to me to have some good old fashioned down time to relax and rest, which I think is often overlooked and critical to your long-term health and happiness.

Overall I’ve been more than satisfied with my first year of experience as a trainer. I work with some incredible people that I’ve learned a great deal from. They are caring people that I can easily enjoy being around outside of the gym.

The same goes for our clients at ASAP. I must admit I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of generosity our clients displayed this holiday season. Just to give you an idea, here’s what I received:

  • Malley’s chocolate covered pretzels
  • 6-pack of Great Lakes Christmas Ale
  • $50 amazon gift card
  • $50 Market gift card
  • $20 cash
  • $22 Sweet Melissa’s gift card (this one was for my 22nd birthday on Jan. 4th)
  • Several holiday cards/photos

This much appreciation was extremely satisfying and motivating. The quality of the relationships that I have with our clients is probably my favorite perk of personal training. It’s amazing how much you get to know some folks over time from simply spending 2-3 hours a week with them.

I’m certainly looking forward to the future as my team and I continue to grow and learn each day at ASAP Fitness. Every training session is an opportunity to become a better coach 🙂





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