The Good Stuff: Volume 2

Volume 2!!!

Heck yeah. It’s only been 25 years since volume 1 was published.

Anyway, here’s some real good health and fitness content I’ve come across recently.


The Complete Strength Training Guide from Greg Nuckols

I’m a fan of 99.99% of what Greg Nuckols writes. His site Strength Theory is one of the best fitness resources in the iron game right now. In this guide you will find just about everything important you need to know in order to make gains as a beginning, intermediate, or advanced lifter.


Why We Are All Inherently Potheads from Andreo Spina

Don’t let the title sway you. If you’ve never heard of the endocannibinoid system, you should find this one fascinating.


42 Tips for More Muscle, Less Fat, and More Fun from Bryan Krahn

Bryan is a brilliant writer and his articles are always fun to read. When it comes to “X number of tips for Y purpose” articles, they tend to get a little bit diluted as the number grows. In this case, all 42 of them are practical and simple to implement. Great read!


Warmup and Motor Concepts from Charlie Weingroff

I had the opportunity to see Charlie speak at the NSCA National Conference this year and he was absolutely fantastic. A very engaging presenter presenter to say the least. In this post he gives us an important reminder of what key factors our warmups are actually supposed to serve before a training session.


Hacking the Nervous System from Gaia Vince

I came across this one after a friend shared it on Facebook and was glued to the screen after starting it. In this case, electric stimulation of the vagus nerve could turn out to be a leading method in the way we treat systematic diseases in the future. Mosaic science is full of phenomenal articles similar to this one, so if you’re a science nerd I would highly suggest you bookmark the page!


5 Coaching Cues to Immediately Improve Basic Movements from Dean Somerset

I’ve always appreciated Dean’s approach to coaching and have used each one of these cues before. They are game changers. An excellent read for any trainers who may be having issues getting their clients to move they way they want.


Please enjoy the articles, I think you’ll get a lot out of them!

Until next time, which could be a very long time 🙂


One thought on “The Good Stuff: Volume 2

  1. Good stuff indeed, Steven. Being an “older” guy who deals with arthritis, I found the “Hacking the Nervous System” article particularly interesting (although it did bring back memories of “The Six Million Dollar Man” TV series in the seventies). It will interesting and informative to see how effectively and how quickly this technology progresses.

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