What You Need to Remember About Your Health and Fitness Goals

Of course this is assuming you already have goals.

Expecting to see change without concrete goals in mind?

You may want to figure those out ASAP 🙂


This post, however, can be a very valuable guide to read before actually creating those “goal” thingies.

You see, people start their own journeys into the world of health and fitness with a whole lot of misconceptions and unrealistic expectations about what it takes to look a certain way.

It is essential that you understand the process before you begin the journey. In my experience the vast majority of people are expecting to reach their goals with an inadequate amount of time and effort than it will actually take to reach said goal.

Because of this frequently occurring issue, I generally make one important statement to them up front about what to really expect throughout the transformation experience:

Most health and fitness goal you develop are more than likely going to take longer than you want or expect them to.

In other words don’t expect 20 years of a sedentary lifestyle (very little physical activity) combined with poor nutritional habits (eating in excess, choosing low quality and highly palatable foods with poor nutritional profiles) to be totally reversed in a matter of six months.

Understand that what took years to develop may (and probably will) take years to reverse. Creating your own sustainable healthy lifestyle is much easier said than done. It will undoubtedly require discomfort and probably a little bit of pain along the way, but you’re the one who thought of the goal. If you want it, you’ll do what you have to do to get it.

You must learn to love the process. Let the results come later.



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