Hello there!

I’m Steven Trolio.

I work as a fitness professional.

The gym I train out of is called ASAP Fitness. We are located in Rocky River, a suburb of Cleveland Ohio.

As a team our service is top notch and we are flexible to our clients’ varying preferences. Our number is 440-333-5438.

I’ve been working with clients aged anywhere from 12-80 for close to three years now.

I’ve been training myself through various methods and systems for about a decade.

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, or NSCA-CPT.

I’m a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist through Functional Anatomy Seminars, or FRCms.

I’m a skeptic. I believe it is essential to be if you’re working in the fitness industry. I encourage you to be one too.

For the reasons listed above, I only share information and content that I truly believe can help others.

I do my best to avoid sharing misinformation and content that serves only to confuse others.

If I write something that I later find to be untrue or generally disagree with, I will change it.

I try to present an open mind to new ideas, anecdotes, and research.

My training philosophy involvesĀ combination of practical experience, scientific research, and experimental discoveries.

You can contact me at StevenHenryTrolio@gmail.com.


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