What Are You Measuring?

Well, hopefully something. But the better question might actually be… What aren’t you measuring? Because there may be a few variables out there that you haven’t been paying any attention to that could have drastic effects on the outcome of your training sessions.   There are many ways you can progress in the gym This is what […]

Reviewing the Functional Range Conditioning Seminar

A couple months ago I attended a continuing education course under Functional Anatomy Seminars. This particular course is known as Functional Range Conditioning or “FRC” for short. Overall it was a fantastic experience and something I’d like to share with as many people as possible. As a trainer I’ve already had great success implementing the […]

Using Band Resistance to Coach the Single-Leg Hip Hinge

If you’re unfamiliar with what a hip hinge is, it’s not too difficult to understand. It’s a movement where you bend over from the hips. When done properly, the hip joint should actually shift backwards while the knee joints stay where they are in a slightly bent position. The deadlift exercise closely resembles what a […]

The Good Stuff: Volume 2

Volume 2!!! Heck yeah. It’s only been 25 years since volume 1 was published. Anyway, here’s some real good health and fitness content I’ve come across recently.   The Complete Strength Training Guide from Greg Nuckols I’m a fan of 99.99% of what Greg Nuckols writes. His site Strength Theory is one of the best […]

Spinal Mobility and the Cat Camel Exercise

Spinal mobility can be described as the ability to move your vertebral discs through various ranges of motions with adequate control. These can include flexion of the spine (rounding over, such as when you touch your toes), extension of the spine (arching backward, like in a gymnastics back bend), and rotation of the spine (twisting). Performing […]

Observations from My First Year of Personal Training

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve said anything on this stupid website of mine. I am very sorry to the people responsible for the ten or so random page views I get on a daily basis. Sure I’ve been busy with other things that take priority of blogging, but I think the writing practice is […]

Why Everything Always Depends

It’s the middle of the summer and life is great. I’m coaching a lot of people and getting better all the time. I’m thinking of some really cool ideas to write about and slowly (but surely) getting these ideas out of my head. My progress in the full olympic lifts is coming along pretty well, […]

The Good Stuff: Volume 1

    The best fitness stuff I’ve seen recently 🙂 Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger? by David Epstein This is an incredibly interesting talk that brings up some impressive and thought-provoking points. Although our training and physical preparation methods have obviously advanced with time, are we absolutely sure that what we’re currently doing […]

TRX Pulling Progressions

If you’ve been to any decently equipped gyms in the past five years or so, it’s likely that you’ve seen those infamous black and yellow straps hanging from a high bar or a wall attachment. Those straps have quickly become one of the most widely used pieces of equipment on the market, and for good reason! […]