The current best health and fitness resources I know of. Time to start learning!

NOTE:  It is not recommended that you get your information from just one of these sources. Instead use all of them independently and draw conclusions and ideas based on your interpretation of the full sample of data. – THE resource for all things supplement related. – Dan has provided me with some of the simplest yet most effective training advice I’ve ever heard. – The “Strength and Science” blog, one of my absolute favorites. – Pain is a tricky topic and it should be treated as such. You won’t find any bad information from Paul Ingraham. – Known to many folks as “The Glute Guy,” Bret is a fantastic researcher and one of the most open minded experts in the industry. – Owner Greg Everett publishes this weightlifting friendly blog with some great content. – Kevin provides tons of knowledge in multiple areas of sports performance. – Specializes in injury and medical dysfunction management and is always sharing good stuff to make people feel better. – A very powerlifting friendly website always pumping out great articles from an accomplished team of writers – Always is coming up with new content, and tends to be very funny in his writing. – Well respected coach and founder of Cressey Performance, one of the best gyms in America. – A solid no BS resource from Mark Rippetoe. – Mike Robertson, a very experienced and successful strength coach that anyone can learn from. – Specializes in the Olympic lifts and offers some excellent coaching cues for both beginners and more advanced lifters. – Todd Bumgardner and Chris Merritt provide high quality insights here. – Jim “Smitty” Smith and the diesel crew provide great tips and helpful information all the time. – Nick is the owner of Performance University International and is known for his hybrid training concepts. – Ridiculously strong dude that is always sharing creative new exercises. – Awesome resource from Tim Larkin and Charles Staley. – Chad is a neurophysiologist and successful author as well as an expert in movement and human performance. – Founded by Jon Goodman, the personal trainer development center is a huge collaboration of top trainers in the industry that I’d recommend to anybody. – Nia shares amazing content and defines what it means to be a strong woman. – Dave Dellanave, owner of Movement Minneapolis writes an awesome blog here. – She’s freaky strong and brings amazing energy to the field, Jen Sinkler knows her stuff. – Another big name in the industry, Sean is an accomplished writer and has great lifting tips to share. – Founded by powerlifting legend Dave Tate, Elite Functional Training Systems offers great articles as well as tons of great equipment. – Very good blog from a very smart guy.  Lee’s lifting videos feature some very impressive dance celebrations. – An accomplished S&C coach and very knowledgeable of the fitness industry, Jim’s content is top notch.







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